Largest Casting Video Library in Middle East - ECASTING Back

10 Feb, 2015

Largest Casting Video Library in Middle East - ECASTING

With more than 2000 casting videos ready to be distributed to your clients, ECASTING is now the market leader for casting in UAE. More than 70 production agencies and directors have now access to ECASTING large talent database. ECASTING casting process is the new way to conduct casting.

Freelance casting agents can deliver 20-40 cast a day where as ECASTING provide production companies with 1000’s instantly. Keeping the quality and diversity of the cast to optimum level, ECASTING is definitely the way forward in the Casting process.

ECASTING is now adding acting talents to its very large database making it the best of the breed online casting library in Middle East.

In addition to the amazing online and instant services received free of charge from ECASTING, we have added a FREE studio for all specific casting available to all agencies and production companies. EMODELS is located in the heart of Dubai, JLT and now provides casting studio FREE of charge to all its customers.

ECASTING - First Online Video Casting Database in Dubai - UAE

How to view the latest talent: welcomes all Middle East Production Companies to access the only HD quality casting library. To activate your username and password, please call Emodels Office on +971 4 360 4842  or email

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